[ALUG] How to locate bookmarks data in Mozilla/Firefox/Iceweasel ...

Ted Harding ted.harding at wlandres.net
Thu May 18 12:40:26 BST 2017

Greetings all!
I'm seeking to rescue important files and other info from
a laptop that has just "crashed". I had installed Linux (Debian)
on a virtual machine (VirtualBox) installed on windows XP.
It's Windows XP which has gone both bottom-up and tits-up.

I think I can probably use a CD with Slackware installed
to boot from (Ive tried it on another machine, and it works),
which should then give me access to the Linux filesystem
stored on the hard drive separately from the Windows filesystem.

Once there, when it concerns files which I know where to find
on the filesystem, there should be no problem reading their
contents (though extracting the files themselves for transfer
to my working machine may be another issue).

However, one important item which I would like to plant on
my working machine is the set of bookmarks (hierarchically
organised) that I have built up over many years on the
crashed machine's Mozilla/Firefos/Iceweasel browser.
Presumably this lurks somewhere is a ".filename" in my
home directory.

But I've not managed to sniff out such a file on my working
machine (also Debian), so I wouldn't know where to look on
the crashed machine.

Therefore, please, can anyone tell me where the file is likely
to be, and what it's likely to be named?

Then I could transcribe its contents to the other machine.

With thanks,

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