[ALUG] How to locate bookmarks data in Mozilla/Firefox/Iceweasel ...

Simon Ransome simon at nosher.net
Thu May 18 12:53:33 BST 2017

Hi Ted,

This feels like it's changed a lot since I last looked but on Firefox
51, my bookmarks appear to be in a file called places.sqlite in a folder
~/.mozilla/firefox/RANDOMSTRING.default/. There are also some bookmark
backup files in the subdirectory bookmarkbackups.

Hope that helps,

On 18/05/17 12:40, Ted Harding wrote:
> However, one important item which I would like to plant on
> my working machine is the set of bookmarks (hierarchically
> organised) that I have built up over many years on the
> crashed machine's Mozilla/Firefos/Iceweasel browser.
> Presumably this lurks somewhere is a ".filename" in my
> home directory.
> But I've not managed to sniff out such a file on my working
> machine (also Debian), so I wouldn't know where to look on
> the crashed machine.
> Therefore, please, can anyone tell me where the file is likely
> to be, and what it's likely to be named?

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