[ALUG] Nedd new laptop AND seek rcovery of files from VirtualBox

Ted Harding ted.harding at wlandres.net
Sat May 27 15:04:59 BST 2017

Greetings All!
Chris Green's recent message arrived as I was about to
compose a similar one!

My (somewhat ancient but much-loved) Advent 8117 recently crashed.
It had Windows XP, into which I installed VirtualBox into which
I then installed Debian (Etch, I think; and Ubuntu). It is the
Windows, apparently, which crashed. While, after repeated attempts,
it is possible to get windows started, many of the applications
icons have vanished rom the screen, including the VirtualBox one.
So Linux is now inaccessible on this machine.

Yesterday I took it to be looked at by a Computer Suppport person
I know (very amiliar with Linux), and we did get somewhere -- using
a Slackware Live CD it was possible to have a look at the filesystem.
However, when I tried to reboot it just now nothing happened:
no sign of power reaching the compuyer (and the battery is dead
anyway). I suspect that yesterday's 60-mile round trip may have
broken a power-supply connection somewhere in the computer.

So FIRST: I'm seeking a replacement. No special hardware
requirements beyond a good amount of HD space and of RAM,
plus the usual ethernet cable, print (via USB cable),
USB ockets etc. And a nicely laid out keyboard with very
visible labels (letters etc.) would be very welcome.
especially if the "delete" key is at bottom right instead
of top right.

I'd like it to have Linux installed, preferably Debian, but
with Gnome 2 desktop rather than later versions (Fermilab's
Scientific Linux has stuck with Gnome 2), since the way I
work depends heavily on the array of workspaces displayed
at the bottom of the screen in Gnome 2.

So any suggested offers? (willing to pay a reasonable price).

Then SECOND: I really want to recover files in the Linux
systems which have accumulated over the years (not fussy
about the entire OS's, though some of the system config
files are also important).

The Linux filesystems are in VirtualBox ".vdi" files on
the Windows XP system, which I was able to locate after
booting with the Slackware CD. I've been looking around
extensively for info about how to set about this. This
does not seem to be straightfoward unless the VDI file
is transerred (somehpow ... ) to another machine on which
VirtualBox is installed.

Any help or advice?

With thanks,

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