[ALUG] Which laptop to buy, help me decide

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Mon May 29 18:06:46 BST 2017

Having increased my budget somewhat I seem to have narrowed my choice
of laptop on which to run Xubuntu to one of the following two:-

A - pcspecialists/novatech/entroware custom system:-
    These are all the same machine built by Clevo and configured by
    the various companies above.  Pcspecialists are cheapest.  For my
    8Gb, Core I5, SSD machine the cost is around £540.

B - A Lenovo Ideapad 510S
    Price (if you shop around) a little less than the one above. I've
    checked and according to Lenovo forums etc. Ubuntu Linux installs
    on it without problems.

Does anyone have any comments about either of these machines that
might push me one way or the other?

Chris Green

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