[ALUG] Firefox 57 woe

Mick mbm at rlogin.net
Wed Nov 22 13:03:58 GMT 2017

On 22 November 2017 12:28:04 GMT+00:00, Bev Nicolson <lumos at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>On 22/11/17 11:43, Srdjan Todorovic wrote:
>> On 22 November 2017 at 11:37, Bev Nicolson <lumos at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
>>> I had hoped to be prepared for whenever the upgrade to Firefox 57
>>> but it turns out I haven't been. This is because the Software
>Updater hadn't
>>> offered 57. Anyway, it seems I have lost all my ScrapBook pages.
>> <snip>
>> Not sure - isn't it all binary data in your profile?
>> What is Scrapbook?
>ScrapBook is/was a Firefox add on that enabled you to save webpages as 
>is. You can add 'sticky notes' or highlight things on them too if you 
>want. Or you could.
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Try palemoon. It says it has scrapbook in its addons. I've just dumped ff in favour of palemoon and so far, so good. 

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