[ALUG] Firefox 57 woe

steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Thu Nov 30 16:38:11 GMT 2017

Bev is having a problem replying to list so emailed me off list. 
Replying without context, on and off list...

I've googled and managed to find out how to downgrade a package using 
apt-get.  Which I will come back to in a moment.

I accidentally installed an update to firefox, tried it, missed my 
add-ons, so downgraded using synaptic.  Once I had downgraded, I had to 
tweak the toolbars etc, but everything worked again.  I didn't lose 
anything.  So it's probably worth trying.

Palemoon looks nice to me, like an old version of Firefox.  Many firefox 
plugins work directly in Palemoon, however not all.  If a firefox update 
has been updated to work on the new firefox, it is probable that it will 
not work on Palemoon.  It's worth giving it a go I guess.  I also guess 
that Palemoon won't have as big a team behind it as Chrome or Firefox, 
so from a security point of view, you're probably best with a big-name 
browser at least for stuff like shopping!

This link helped on how to downgrade.


Shutdown firefox first.

apt-cache showpkg <package-name> to show a list of available versions 
for a package (firefox produces pages!)
Do it for firefox, firefox-locale-en and xul-ext-ubufox.
My versions for these are 56.0+build6-0ubuntu1, 56.0+build6-0ubuntu1 and 

Apparently you can then do

sudo apt-get install <package-name>=<package-version-number>

so I guess you'd do all three on one line:

sudo apt-get install firefox=56.0+build6-0ubuntu1 

(all on one line).

If that works, then see if firefox works & has downgraded.
If all's OK, then try

apt-mark hold <package-name> which "holds" the package at the current 
version, preventing automatic upgrades.

sudo apt-mark hold firefox firefox-locale-en xul-ext-ubufox

Hope this helps.


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