[ALUG] Calendar server recommendations wanted

Chris Green cl at isbd.net
Thu Oct 5 18:50:23 BST 2017

I've been using OwnCloud for a few years but it really is becoming a
bit of a pain to support.  Well, it always *was* a pain to support and
now I'm getting fed up with maintaining it.  There's all sorts of
(minor, but they add up) issues with it:-

    Upgrading is a pain, doesn't "just work".
    Various messages aboout security which don't link to anywhere useful.
    Basic Calendar and AddressBook apps aren't built-in, have to be re-enabled at each upgrade.
    Just messy generally!

So I'm considering alternatives.  I need a calendar server which
supports Linux (Thunderbird/Lightning) and Android clients, if it does
address lists as well then so much the better but that's not vital.

Any recommendations anyone?

Chris Green

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