[ALUG] Calendar server recommendations wanted

steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Thu Oct 5 20:18:50 BST 2017

On 05/10/17 18:50, Chris Green wrote:
> I've been using OwnCloud for a few years but it really is becoming a
> bit of a pain to support.  Well, it always *was* a pain to support and
> now I'm getting fed up with maintaining it.  There's all sorts of
> (minor, but they add up) issues with it:-
>      Upgrading is a pain, doesn't "just work".
>      Various messages aboout security which don't link to anywhere useful.
>      Basic Calendar and AddressBook apps aren't built-in, have to be re-enabled at each upgrade.
>      Just messy generally!
> So I'm considering alternatives.  I need a calendar server which
> supports Linux (Thunderbird/Lightning) and Android clients, if it does
> address lists as well then so much the better but that's not vital.
> Any recommendations anyone?
Many years ago I tried to do this.  I ended up installing Caldav and/or 
Webdav (Calender Distributed Authoring and Versioning (or something like 
that) and WebDav (Web ditto).  They're basically web servers that allow 
you to edit files that they serve.  I then tried to craft a address-book 
structure that Thunderbird would understand and import my contacts.  I 
think I installed a contact editing software package called Osmo and 
several others. (Osmo info 

I tried and tried but couldn't successfully get it all together to 
work.  In the end, I disovered that Thunderbird easily connects to 
google and google can easily manage contacts lists and calenders, and 
share calenders between people, so I abandoned my previous attempts and 
went with Google.  If that suits you and you don't mind Google managing 
your data, then that's fine, but I know it doesn't suit everyone.  
Otherwise I'd suggest looking at what calender and contact lists that 
Thunderbird supports and then software that provides them, or just look 
at Caldav, Webdav, Osmo and google how to integrate them.

There are numerous add-ons for Thunderbird that allow calenders and 
contacts to be integrated.  Google calander can be integrated without 
any add-ons - you just need to find the URL for the calendar which you 
find on the calender settings web-page.  As for contacts in Google, I 
use gContactSync which works fine for me.  It replicates any folder 
structure you have in google, so you can have groups/folders of contacts 
(e.g. Work, Friends, Charities etc.)

Hope that helps.


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