[ALUG] Calendar server recommendations wanted

Phil Thane phil at pthane.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 20:26:00 BST 2017

I've used the fork from OwnCloud, Nextcloud, for a couple of years. Works fine 
once set up but the upgrade system needs improving I haven't touched it for a 
year, though I do keep the server up to date. 

Works with Kontact on my KDE desktop, T Bird on my Lubuntu aptop and an 
Android phone. Used to work with my wife's iPhad until she upgraded that and 
she hasn't bothered to set it up again, reverted to her paper diary!

Has some quirks like the calDAV link doesn't work for me in T'bird but the 
'share' link does.

Phil Thane

phil at pthane.co.uk
01767 449759
07582 750607
Twitter @pthane
On Thursday, 5 October 2017 18:50:23 BST Chris Green wrote:
> I've been using OwnCloud for a few years but it really is becoming a
> bit of a pain to support.  Well, it always *was* a pain to support and
> now I'm getting fed up with maintaining it.  There's all sorts of
> (minor, but they add up) issues with it:-
>     Upgrading is a pain, doesn't "just work".
>     Various messages aboout security which don't link to anywhere useful.
>     Basic Calendar and AddressBook apps aren't built-in, have to be
> re-enabled at each upgrade. Just messy generally!
> So I'm considering alternatives.  I need a calendar server which
> supports Linux (Thunderbird/Lightning) and Android clients, if it does
> address lists as well then so much the better but that's not vital.
> Any recommendations anyone?

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