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steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Wed Oct 11 22:14:29 BST 2017

On 11/10/17 21:04, Phil Thane wrote:
> OK, I'm inviting trouble here but bear with me.
> I run an old desktop PC, headless as a file/webserver. My wife's PC backs up to
> it and I mirror most of my desktop on it using Nextcloud. My only previous
> experience with web servers has been running Wordpress etc on hosted platforms
> whee all the setup stuff is done via Cpanel. No Cpanel on my DIY server though
> so to make life easier it runs a desktop distro (currently Lubuntu) and VNC. I
> can do any admin via KRDC from my desktop.
> During set up all this works OK, but the Lubuntu desktop goes blank after a
> few minutes inactivity, KRDC connects fine but all I see is black screen. The
> only way I can find to get back in is to reboot (using SSH), restart VNC then
> re-connect KRDC before the blackout kicks in.
> A while ago I did this and tried to find a setting to keep the screen alive for
> ever, as there's no actual screen attached it would make little difference to
> power consumption. I thought I'd found it, but obviously not as it still
> blanks. Anyone got any idea?
> I'm not totally averse to CLI work, providing it's a simple command to solve a
> specific issue like this, but I really don't want to learn how to do everything
> I need to do on the server that way!

Uninstall XScreensaver and/or Light-locker, or look at their settings to 
disable screensaver.
Look at power manager (which sometimes you can get to through the 
above), to disable power down screen/display.

I have an old RaspberryPi running Lubuntu and that has the screen blank 
after a period of activity.  I found once on the RaspberryPi forums a 
message about how to disable it - it said it was quite complicated - 
there was a gdi screensaver (xscreensaver or lightlocker), but also a 
"X11" level screensaver.  You have to disable both.  I suggest looking 
for something similar on the Raspberry Pi forums.

That said, I can connect to my pi after the screen has gone off via VNC, 
and I have a server running XUbuntu without a problem - just press space 
or move the mouse.  Actually, thinking about it, I had to 
disable/uninstall Light-Locker on my laptop because it would not wake up 
- I replaced it with XScreensaver.

Hope this helps.


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