[ALUG] Huge increase in spam

Huge huge at huge.org.uk
Tue Oct 24 10:17:34 BST 2017

On Tue, 2017-10-24 at 10:01 +0100, Laurie Brown wrote:
> Hi all,
> Well, after many years of my Linux mail filters working very well, I've
> noticed a significant increase in spam over the last week, and last
> night I got 33 alone, an unheard of number.
> Has anyone else noticed this?

Yep. Not only am I getting a massive increase in spam (from near enough
zero to 40 or 50 a day), but they're much bigger than previously - near
enough a megabyte each. IMO this is closer to a DoS attack than it is

> I use postfix, blacklists, postgrey, spamassassin (and a Bayesian DB),
> with all the usual postfix settings to discourage spammers. I also use a
> honeytrap third party MX server which traps and records some spam.
> Normally, once in a while I'll see a small increase in soam, and then
> the RBLs kick in and it stops after a few hours. However, I can't even
> find much of a pattern in the emails; there are a couple of regular IPs
> - now firewalled out - but in the main they are random. There must be a
> massive Windows-based botnet out there with some new spamming software
> on it. It's certainly dealing with grey-listing now.
> Ideas anyone?

Sadly not, at the moment. I'm just gritting my teeth and training my
filters up. Due to the enormous size of the emails, I am looking
filtering solutions that run over IMAP, rather than having to download
the garbage first (that and Sieve scripts that run at my ISP), but apart
from that, I run much the same stuff as you.


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