[ALUG] Huge increase in spam

Laurie Brown laurie at brownowl.com
Tue Oct 24 11:15:53 BST 2017

Hi all,

I've gone through several hundred emails and found a pattern.

the vast majority of these emails are coming from random domain names in
the following TLDs:


I've found 328 such emails, 298 of which come from unique IP addresses.
I'm going to add those to my firewall rules on a temporary basis, ready
for the overnight influx of spam.

Note that if one has clients dependent on filtering, this IS NOT the
right way to deal with spam - it's too easy to block the wrong IPs - but
it's ok in an emergency on a temporary basis.

Temporarily, interested parties can grab the sorted and unique list of
these IP addresses as follows, to do with as they wish (with full
disclaimer and no guarantees):

wget vm3.convergent-ict.com/misc/temp-spam-IPs.lis

Cheers, Laurie.--
                               Laurie Brown
                           laurie at brownowl.com

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