[ALUG] Huge increase in spam

steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk
Wed Oct 25 22:51:36 BST 2017

On 25/10/17 13:55, Laurie Brown wrote:
> On 25/10/17 11:08, steve-ALUG at hst.me.uk wrote:
>> Occasionally, I report spam I have received to SpamCop.  If you're not
>> familiar with it, Spamcop takes your spam and works out who really sent
>> it.  It then sends a report to the ISP of whoever sent it.  The report
>> tries to anonymise you.  The theory is that if you complain to the ISP,
>> genuine spammers will get shut down, and people with
>> compromised/infected machines will be LARTed.  It's a "long-game" sort
>> of option - it won't have an immediate effect, but may result in less
>> spam for everyone in the future.  Pros and cons - if spammers work out
>> who reported them, they might then avoid you because you report them,
>> but on the flip side, they might try to punish you or think this is a
>> confirmed live email address - let's use it.
> I've never heard of that: thanks for the heads-up. I'll look into it.

Create an account (free).
Login.  You're taken to a report spam page, but at the top it says

Forward your spam to: submit.SOMEUNIQUENUMBER at spam.spamcop.net. That's 
your unique reporting address.

I then select all the spams I want to report, forward as an attachment 
to that address.
A short while later, spamcop then sends you one email for each spam.  In 
each email is a report link.  Click on the link and it displays who it 
thinks the sender was, who their ISP is, and relevant ISP if they're 
advertising a product and other detected IP addresses or ISPs.  It 
preselects who it thinks you should report to, but you can override it 
if you want.  You can add extra info (a description) if you want.  If 
some of your email comes through a trusted relay, make sure you don't 
report that relay!

As you have to do a page for each spam it can take a while so I tend to 
use if for the most annoying or offensive spam.

If you're happy, "report" it.  Occasionally you may get a message back 
from an ISP acknowledging the the spam report.
Spamcop also run a RBL generated as a result of these spam reports. I 
believe they're trustworthy, but I don't use their RBL.


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