[ALUG] Huge increase in spam

Bev Nicolson lumos at gmx.co.uk
Thu Oct 26 11:40:35 BST 2017

> https://www.spamcop.net/
> Create an account (free).
> Login.  You're taken to a report spam page, but at the top it says
> Forward your spam to: submit.SOMEUNIQUENUMBER at spam.spamcop.net. That's 
> your unique reporting address.
> I then select all the spams I want to report, forward as an attachment 
> to that address.
> A short while later, spamcop then sends you one email for each spam.  
> In each email is a report link.  Click on the link and it displays who 
> it thinks the sender was, who their ISP is, and relevant ISP if 
> they're advertising a product and other detected IP addresses or 
> ISPs.  It preselects who it thinks you should report to, but you can 
> override it if you want.  You can add extra info (a description) if 
> you want.  If some of your email comes through a trusted relay, make 
> sure you don't report that relay!
> As you have to do a page for each spam it can take a while so I tend 
> to use if for the most annoying or offensive spam.
> If you're happy, "report" it.  Occasionally you may get a message back 
> from an ISP acknowledging the the spam report.
> Spamcop also run a RBL generated as a result of these spam reports. I 
> believe they're trustworthy, but I don't use their RBL.
> Steve
> _______________________________________________
Would that work for personal accounts too? Likewise Spamassassin? (Not 
asking for myself by the way as Thunderbird and gmx are a bit over 
enthusiastic about barring spam sometimes... Yes I have checked the 


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