[ALUG] Nextcloud anyone?

Phil Thane phil at pthane.co.uk
Fri Sep 1 15:11:30 BST 2017

Does anyone use, or have expertise in, Nextcloud? 

I'm an amateur user with Nextcloud running on a home server. Generally I'm 
very happy with it, it means I always have a mirror of my desktop stuff which 
I can access via the web and any photos taken on my phone are synced 
automatically next time the phone finds a wifi connection. Now it's got an 
annoying problem though.

There is a corrupted .jpg file in the InstantUpload folder which throws up an 
error message in the desktop sync app. It gives the path and 'Server replied: 
Locked' The file is almost certainly one of a batch my 4 year old granddaughter 
took when she figured out how to do selfies. Most were rubbish so I deleted them 
using the phone, possibly interrupting the upload process. She took the photos 
at our place so the upload would have been more or less instant. 

If I use the phone app the file won't open, nor will it it delete, move or 
rename. Nor will it if I view the files via a web browser.

It's not a critical error, everything else works OK, but it's annoying seeing 
the warning every time files sync. Any suggestions?

Anyone with access to 4 year old children for example?

Phil Thane

phil at pthane.co.uk
01767 449759
07582 750607
Twitter @pthane

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