[ALUG] Intelligently deleting thumbnail images

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 10:43:15 BST 2017

A friend lost all their photos from their phone; luckily they had been
on a MicroSD card and photorec recovered them all for me, and renrot
renamed them all (and fixed their timestamps) based on their EXIF

So what I now have is a directory of images, but of-course the phone
had created thumbnails and the recovery has recovered them as well,
and I'd like to delete them.

As a human it's easy to do: find two images that "look" the same, and
delete the smaller one. But there are hundreds so this human isn't up
for the job.

Any suggestions as to how to do this in software?

Just deleting all the smaller images isn't enough as there do seem to
be some small images for which there isn't a larger counterpart (I'm
guessing maybe they came from the front facing camera or some other

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