[ALUG] Intelligently deleting thumbnail images

Mark Rogers mark at more-solutions.co.uk
Thu Sep 7 13:16:27 BST 2017

On 7 September 2017 at 11:07, Laurie Brown <laurie at brownowl.com> wrote:
> Well, sorting by size sorts the first problem, but not the second.
> If there's a way of sorting them so they small and large versions are
> together, then a two-pane approach with sorted by size on one side, and
> sorted by pairing on the other would make the job easier.

Really, what I think I need is some kind of tool that could create
some kind of image fingerprint based on what it "looks" like so that I
can in some way sort by similarity. That's lead me to some interesting
websites but no actual tools yet. But "apt search similar images" lead
me to findimagedupes, which looks promising; it's man page says that
what it does is:

       To calculate an image fingerprint:
         1) Read image.
         2) Resample to 160x160 to standardize size.
         3) Grayscale by reducing saturation.
         4) Blur a lot to get rid of noise.
         5) Normalize to spread out intensity as much as possible.
         6) Equalize to make image as contrasty as possible.
         7) Resample again down to 16x16.
         8) Reduce to 1bpp.
         9) The fingerprint is this raw image data.

The default similar is 90% which is too vague for me as it picks up
two similar images taken together, but at a 100% target similarity it
seems spot on.

I still need to script something to use the results though...

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