[ALUG] Anyone like Bing?

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Fri Sep 18 11:18:24 BST 2009

steveydoteu wrote:
> Also, more to the point perhaps, why is it that big a deal, the entire 
> first page of search results are related to the term you searched for. 
> If you know the URL you want you would go to it directly anyway, and 
> those results would be ample for someone looking for information on OOo.

Interesting to compare with a Bing search for Microsoft, which (quite 
correctly) biases the results to sites with microsoft in the domain 
name. To be fair, a Bing search for Google is similarly successful, 
although that would be a bit obvious if it wasn't.

Amusingly, given how closely MS guard their trademark on the name 
"Windows", a search for
    alternatives to windows
is completely dominated by results for replacement windows (ie those 
things you stick in the wall to look out of).

I would actually prefer that Google had some competition in the search 
engine market, but unfortunately it doesn't currently look like Bing 
delivers that.

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