[alug social] Opposite of good: BT

MJ Ray mjr@phonecoop.coop
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 08:58:51 +0100

Just to balance the last company recommendation, a company
warning. BT don't even do the little they say they will.

Last September, I finally escaped from BT's shoddy telephone
service to a 12-month contract with 'it' http://www.itplc.com/ -
they're OK, but probably not the best or cheapest that you can
find now. I wrote and told BT exactly why they lost my account
(basically, bad customer service habits, combined with only
offering "bundled calls" packages so other calls providers
are less attractive). I got an amazingly stupid typed reply
explaining why BT's brilliant. Not a good answer.  Like I'm
going to read a sales pitch and thing "yeah, I imagined all
those problems moving house, getting my business number, and so on."

In April, I had a letter from BT inviting me back with the first
headline being "Enjoy low prices on all BT Together call options"
- "Together" being the package that I was moved to and quit. I
called the number on the sheet, asked to be removed from the "come
back" mailing list and was assured it would be done.

Today, another letter from BT, now offering a "Special Offer"
if I take one of their bundled calls packages. Amazing. The
absolute clincher is that the letter finishes with an advert
for "BT Privacy"!  Not privacy from BT sales letters, I guess.
Could these people organise a brewery event? Again called,
again assured, and this time asked them to send confirmation
in writing.  Is it worth taking this further? I'm not sure.

In my opinion, anyone staying with BT should have a really good motive.
There are many other line renters nationwide now, including phonecoop.

Hope your telephone behaves better,
MJ Ray (slef), K. Lynn, England, email see http://mjr.towers.org.uk/