[alug social] Opposite of good: BT

David Reynolds david@reynoldsfamily.org.uk
Mon, 22 Aug 2005 15:12:07 +0100

> Just to balance the last company recommendation, a company
> warning. BT don't even do the little they say they will.
> Last September, I finally escaped from BT's shoddy telephone
> service to a 12-month contract with 'it' http://www.itplc.com/ -
> they're OK, but probably not the best or cheapest that you can
> find now. I wrote and told BT exactly why they lost my account
> (basically, bad customer service habits, combined with only
> offering "bundled calls" packages so other calls providers
> are less attractive). I got an amazingly stupid typed reply
> explaining why BT's brilliant. Not a good answer.  Like I'm
> going to read a sales pitch and thing "yeah, I imagined all
> those problems moving house, getting my business number, and so on."
> In April, I had a letter from BT inviting me back with the first
> headline being "Enjoy low prices on all BT Together call options"
> - "Together" being the package that I was moved to and quit. I
> called the number on the sheet, asked to be removed from the "come
> back" mailing list and was assured it would be done.
> Today, another letter from BT, now offering a "Special Offer"
> if I take one of their bundled calls packages. Amazing. The
> absolute clincher is that the letter finishes with an advert
> for "BT Privacy"!  Not privacy from BT sales letters, I guess.
> Could these people organise a brewery event? Again called,
> again assured, and this time asked them to send confirmation
> in writing.  Is it worth taking this further? I'm not sure.
> In my opinion, anyone staying with BT should have a really good motive.
> There are many other line renters nationwide now, including phonecoop.
> Hope your telephone behaves better,

Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought the social list was for organising 
social events rather than random babbling about the company you happen 
to be annoyed with this week?
David Reynolds