[ALUG] Diagnosing disk issue

Mark Rogers mark at quarella.co.uk
Thu Oct 10 09:18:07 BST 2013

On 10 October 2013 07:04, Wayne Stallwood <ALUGlist at digimatic.co.uk> wrote:
> On 09/10/13 13:08, Mark Rogers wrote:
>> When did hard disks get so complicated?
> It's not but unless you are used to it, it's easy to miss something in the
> smartctl output.

Fair point :-)

> In the first error you posted it seemed that /dev/sdd is reporting the error
> so can you paste the full output of smartctl -a /dev/sdd here.

As the output is quite long I've pasted it here:

> The reported
> errors are only when things get really bad there is stuff to look for in the
> regular stats that is a warning sign of trouble.. Post it here and I (or
> someone else) will guide you though it.

One thing that I have noticed is high Load_Cycle_Count values (one
drive is in excess of 785,000), which is apparently due to the way
these WD drives are set up, causing them to power down on 8 seconds of
idle. I have now tweaked this (using wdidle3 from a DOS disk) to 5min,
but given a typical full life value is apparently supposed to be about
300k and I've hit 785k in ~7000 hours (~10 months) of power on time,
this is a tad worrying... I don't think it can explain the problems I
was having though, especially given that the drive with (by far) the
highest value was no the one that apparently had issues.

I did successfully DBAN the drives (zero-fill only) and all drives
report Reallocated_Sector_Ct=0 (if I'm reading the SMART output
correctly). I am now in the process of recreating the RAID5 array (~10
hours to go).

Thanks for all the help

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